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As Fortis is knows for its rugged diving watches like the Marinemaster or Diver, the evolution continues- from the depths of the seas the beaches of our planet without neglecting the 20 atm/bar water resistance.
The design is made for all beach lovers and those who enjoy clear visibility of the time spent in the sun.


Shoreliner Vik Beach am
Rif. 655.18.31

Shoreliner Vik Beach pm
Rif. 655.18.37




Due to the absence of numbers and the clear, simple structure, the Shoreliner models in 2017 are setting up a new chapter in the Aquatis world.

For the individual model names FORTIS has taken famous beaches as the basis. The VIK Beach, for example, is a coastal section in Iceland that is characterized by its black sand and thus gave its characteristics to the watch of the same name. The name Lighthouse represents the core property of this model: the round white indices.