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A must for every classic car lover – the Kitzbühel Alpenrallye

The Kitzbühel Alpenrallye is known as the most impressive classical automobile event of the alps. Each year, the event attracts classic car fans from all over the world. This year, the Kitzbühel Alpenrallye will take place for the 31st time from June, 6th – 9th. The famous event already featured celebrities and legends of the race scene like Formel 1-star Michael Schumacher and race driver Hans Joachim Stuck, making the race in the Tyrolean Alps an absolute highlight.

500 km through the mountains

Like every year, the route is about 500 km long, following impressive roads through the mountains in Tyrol and Salzburg. Start and final destination is the centre of Kitzbühel where a car parade takes place at the final day. Just like in the years before, there are two different categories for drivers. The first one being the “Sport-Trophy”, for more ambitious rallye enthusiasts, the second one being the “Classic-Trophy” for drivers that like to go at a slower pace. In order to be allowed to participate, your car must have been built before 1972.

A classic car heaven

From Lamborghinis to Bentleys, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Porsches, Jaguars and many more, 200 of the most luxurious cars of the automobile history will be presented to the spectators. Amongst the well known brands, there will also be rare cars from brands like Face Vega, Arnolt and Iso Rivolta at the Alpenrallye 2018.

Pursuing traditions

Chronoswiss has a long tradition with mechanical watches. In the digital age, old values often get lost, which is why it is so important to Chronoswiss to pursue and support traditions such as the Kitzbühel Alpenrallye. Just like the Alpenrallye, the history of Chronoswiss goes back 30 years. For three years now, Chronoswiss has been a prime sponsor and timing partner for the event. Chronoswiss is one of the few brands that has traditionally used exclusively mechanical movements in its watches from the very beginnings. Especially for the Alpenrallye, Chronoswiss has designed a limited Edition, the Flying Regulator Night and Day Kitzbühel Edition, with only 13 pieces available. Like with any Chronoswiss watch, the high quality standard of this edition makes for a true collector piece.