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Luminox presents CARBONOX™




Luminox uses an innovative carbon compound material – CARBONOX™ – for its ultra-lightweight watches, favored by elite professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

With CARBONOX™, Luminox creates high-tech timepieces with a very rigid and hard finished watch case that takes ruggedness and durability to a whole new level. Luminox has a long history with CARBONOX™, using this material for its watch cases, and some bracelets, since 2006.

Today consumers are familiar with carbon in a variety of goods and equipment where it is used as a lightweight alternative to materials such as aluminium.

Carbon materials are regularly used in high tech industries such as construction, automotive racing and aerospace. CARBONOX™ was inspired by professionals around the world who choose carbon because of its perfect combination of strength and durability.

With CARBONOX™, Luminox has been at the forefront of applying this innovative material technology to watches for over 10 years.

Luminox uses CARBONOX™ to give its watches the rigidity and lightweight durability that consumers enjoy and that make Luminox timepieces “Essential Gear”.

CARBONOX™ is a trademark of Luminox.



CARBONOX™ consists of carbon powder in varying percentages depending on the watch model

  • 6 times lighter than steel, 3 times lighter than titanium
  • Rigid and durable
  • Non-metallic, anti-allergenic, anti-magnetic
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Very low thermal extension and low heat expansion, weatherproof


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Shock and scratch resistant
  • Does not get hot in warm temperatures or cold in extreme cold climates


  • CARBONOX™ provides Luminox watches with a black matte finish favored by Spec Ops



CARBONOX+is a high performance carbon long bar compound, in which carbon fibers account for 40% of the compound.

In addition to the many consumer benefits already provid-ed by CARBONOX™, CARBONOX+ also delivers:

  • Ultra-strong watch case, thanks to the rigidity of the carbon fibers
  • Tensile strength of CARBONOX+ is twice as high as with CARBONOX™, while water absorption is 3 times lower
  • CARBONOX+imparts a very modern and distinctive gray color to the Luminox watches
  • Carbon fibers pattern is visible on the watch case, making it an even more appealing timepiece