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Dicono di Chronoswiss su Wikipedia

Chronoswiss is a Swiss watch manufacturer based in Lucerne. The company was founded by Gerd R. Lang in 1983 with the mission to make the most extraordinary mechanical timepieces. Prior to founding Chronoswiss, Lang had gained significant experience in manufacturing movements for other major brands.

Chronoswiss tries to stay exclusive by only producing about 7,000 watches per year. All watches are hand-finished. While many of the movements used in Chronoswiss watches are based on the Enicar 165 movement, the Chronoswiss versions feature significant improvements, both technical and aesthetic. Although a relatively new brand, innovative timepieces have continued to earn Chronoswiss significant respect within both the horological industry, and among collectors. Founder Gerd Lang is well known for his love of detail, and their highly detailed crowns, bezels, and casebands are some of Chronoswiss’ distinguishing features. As a brand valued mostly by collectors, Chronoswiss watches generally sell at the low-end of their price range at auctions.

From the very first, Chronoswiss has stood out by developing and introducing complicated models such as the first skeletonized chronograph (Opus), a tourbillon or a quarter repeater (Repetition à quarts). In 1987, Chronoswiss launched the world´s first wristwatch with a regulator-style dial, the Régulateur, which has turned into an iconic model for the brand and has remained a vital part of the collection ever since. 2016 took this model one step further by developing an elaborate dial construction on two levels (Flying Regulator). Paying tribute to the major role of the Regulator models, the brand´s claim is “Regulate your time”.

In 2012, Swiss entrepreneur Oliver Ebstein and his wife Eva bought and took over the management of Chronoswiss. The headquarters are located at Lucerne, Switzerland, and open to visitors. In the “House of Chronoswiss”, watchmaking as well as traditional handcrafts such as high-fire enameling or rose-engine turning (guilloche) can be admired.