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Novità Chronoswiss 2017: Sirius Flying Regulator Jumping Hour


Shade of Grey
Sirius Flying Regulator Jumping Hour in sophisticated new colour



Only adding to the beauty of one of the most elegant Regulator models ever, the new dial in stunning galvanic grey really suits the Flying Regulator Jumping Hour. An exciting play on the Regulator (watches with off-center hours and seconds, and a minute hand from the center) is the variant with the jumping hour. The hours are not displayed as with the “classic” Regulator by sub-dials, but are presented digitally in a window, making it look like the date at first sight. Chronoswiss dedicated a limited Regulator model to this particularly clever complication some years ago on the occasion of the brand’s 30th anniversary. And the Regulator Jumping Hour has secured itself a permanent position in the classic collection ever since. From 2016 Chronoswiss has gone a step further for this model, too, and launched a 3D version: the Flying Regulator Jumping Hour, with an seemingly “flying” dial construction.
Above the watch dials with their characteristic guilloche pattern, the sub-dials rise for the minute hand and the seconds hand, artistically designed on a plinth. The arched glass offers a particularly good experience of this three-dimensionality.


Sirius Flying Regulator Jumping Hour
Rif. CH-8323-GRGR


By the special colouring, the iconic guilloche design becomes even more fascinating. Depending on the angle of the light on the dial, the sophisticated geometrical pattern, appears chequered or as a complex basketwork. The Chronoswiss Signature Guilloche is an in-house design developed in the studios of House of Chronoswiss in Lucerne. That is why the “Atelier Lucerne” inscription adorns the watch dials.
The beautiful galvanic grey colour was inspired by the first enamel dials manufactured in the Chronoswiss dial workshop. Back then, those were also created in a discreet shade of grey which accentuated the beauty of the guilloche pattern dial. The galvanic grey is even reflected on the back of the watch. Through the transparent case back introduced by Chronoswiss decades ago, watch aficionados can admire the rotor galvanised in grey, too.
Last but not the least, grey is a very suitable colour for business (fashion).