Chronoswiss launches Regulator Rallye Limited Edition

Chronoswiss launches Regulator Rallye

Chronoswiss launches Regulator Rallye Limited Edition

Classic cars and mechanical watches go perfectly together, as Chronoswiss also confirms. The brand for mechanical wristwatches has been an active part of motorsports on many occasions in the past, either as the title sponsor of the Chronoswiss Classics or in the development of spectacular watch models such as the Wristmaster, a dashboard clock set for Spyker, or the Tachoscope for Audi’s 100th anniversary.

These many years of tradition are now being continued: in 2016, the independent brand for mechanical timepieces is becoming the new main sponsor and chronograph partner to the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally for the first time. As part of this role, an exclusive timepiece is also being released in a limited edition:  to mark the 29th Kitzbühel Alpine Rally, there will be 29 copies of the Regulator Rallye model made, featuring a sporty dial design and powerful use of form.

In this exclusive special edition, the black-red colour theme characteristic of motorsports and dynamism is consistently played upon. In addition to the matt black galvanised dial with its signal red accents on the digits and the limited edition number, this contrast will also be evident in the strap: made from black calfskin with braiding impression, it mirrors the characteristic perforation of classic rally gloves and also features bright red contrasting seams and inner lining.

Details such as the guilloched interior of the display for hours and seconds, or the precisely aligned length of the hands create a harmonious overall appearance. On the reverse of the 29 limited Regulator Rallye models, the logo of the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally is also immortalised in the obligatory sapphire crystal back.

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